Please be advised…I’m gettin’ my blog on!

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I’m new to blogging or I should say writing a blog. I read and follow lots of blogs but when it comes to putting my own voice out there I have a bit of an internal conflict. So much of social networking, blogs, Facebook, twitter…etc. feels very me, me, oh please look at me. Self promotion to the nth degree. I have to warm up to this and by warm up to it I mean jump into the proverbial fire like putting my bare hand against the lens of a 2K that has been on for an hour. (BTW if you don’t understand my 2K reference you need to read my upcoming blog on Cinematography in the corporate world. See I’m already getting the hang of the self promotion.) I’ve always been one that does not really like the spotlight. I have no problem with it. I have no fears of it. I just do not crave it. When we win awards or finish a huge project there is never this overwhelming desire to go tell the world about it. Don’t get me wrong I am proud of our work. So much so I will defend it with the passion of a 4K HMI. (Again, see my upcoming blog series on Cinematography in the corporate world!)



Social Media: You’re using it wrong

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I do not like the phrase “social media marketing.” I feel that those words are a contradiction. Social media will not save your business. It can help, and it can hurt but it will not be your hail mary pass. Use it when appropriate but make sure you have the goods to back it up.

Social media has been adopted by people of all ages, but I do not think I am incorrect when I say it was created for my generation. I have grown up with it. I am immersed in it. I am savvy. I will not be fooled by traditional marketing squeezed down to fit in 140 characters of new media. Nope. I have the power to not click that link. I know it. My peers know it. So unless you give me a good reason to, I won’t. And if you post pointlessly and too often. I will delete you. Unlike most people my father’s age, I know where that button is.


Social media is in the house

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Explaining social media to a client is one of the hardest things I’ve come across.  Many companies are hiring social media experts or entire social media teams to manage their presence in this new medium.  There seems to be a problem with many of these supposed experts and teams.  Social media is different than anything that has come before.  It’s importance and potential uses are right in it’s name.  It is a social forum, a way of building relationships with your clients/customers.  It is not just another website to post the same things in the same ways you’ve been doing for years.  It is its very own animal with its very own audience that responds to a very different type of message.