Please be advised…I’m gettin’ my blog on!

I’m new to blogging or I should say writing a blog. I read and follow lots of blogs but when it comes to putting my own voice out there I have a bit of an internal conflict. So much of social networking, blogs, Facebook, twitter…etc. feels very me, me, oh please look at me. Self promotion to the nth degree. I have to warm up to this and by warm up to it I mean jump into the proverbial fire like putting my bare hand against the lens of a 2K that has been on for an hour. (BTW if you don’t understand my 2K reference you need to read my upcoming blog on Cinematography in the corporate world. See I’m already getting the hang of the self promotion.) I’ve always been one that does not really like the spotlight. I have no problem with it. I have no fears of it. I just do not crave it. When we win awards or finish a huge project there is never this overwhelming desire to go tell the world about it. Don’t get me wrong I am proud of our work. So much so I will defend it with the passion of a 4K HMI. (Again, see my upcoming blog series on Cinematography in the corporate world!)


I come from a different school of thought. The moment one project is over I’m on to the next one. Honing my skills and adding new ones to our box of tool and bag of tricks. We strive to make the next one better, faster, stronger. The Steve Austin of video.(Check out my upcoming blog on how to make references to fictional bionic characters in your blog!) I live and die by the quality of our work. I’ve never marketed the business. We have gotten all of our business based on our quality, work ethic, attitude and referrals from happy clients. It feels great to have other people say nice things about you but times are changing. People still will say nice things face to face or in a one on one email but the days of the glowing review on your website have started to fade. For that matter websites have started to fade and have been replaced with blogs and Social Media. So here we are and self promotion is all the rage. If there is a thought in your head good or bad get it out there for the world to review, comment, tweet, retweet, post, like or whatever random button Facebook has relocated today. So if this is not me why am I doing this? Why am I writing a blog? Why add to the clutter of the interwebs? I’m not finished yet. It is still my turn at bat and I’ve not hit my perfect pitch. (Check out my upcoming blog on random sports metaphors in blogs!) Times change and you have to change with them. I believe this. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and not just for the over 40 crowd. For everyone. (Check out my upcoming blog on how to be combative and snarky and still not look like a jerk in your blog!) To me this is just a new vehicle for delivering our message. With that I have finished my first blog post. (Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on how to write your first blog post!)

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